Trial Type Short Description Gender Age Group Learn More Register
Depression Major Depression Both 18 to 75 More Information Register
Migraine Chronic Migraine Headaches Both 18 to 55 More Information Register
Pain Osteoarthritis of the Knee Both 35 to 85 More Information Register
Alzheimers Alzheimer’s Disease (Neurodegenerative) Both 55 to 90 More Information Register

What We Do

Phoenix Medical Research specializes in clinical research studies for the treatment of many medical and psychiatric conditions. Our goal is to aid the medical community in development of effective, affordable treatments and medication for problematic conditions, including - but not limited to - the following: Osteoarthritis, Depression, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Migraines

Major Depression

Although depression may occur only one time during your life, usually people have multiple episodes of depression. During these episodes, symptoms often most of the day.

For many people with depression, symptoms usually are severe enough to cause noticeable problems in day-to-day activities, such as work, school, social activities or relationships with others. Other people may feel generally miserable or unhappy without really knowing why.

Osteoarthritis Trials

Do you suffer from joint pain -swelling-stiffness? PMR conducts many trials in this area. Osteoarthritis pain affects millions of people every day and yet finding effective treatments remains a difficult challenge for the medical community.

Participate in one of our clinical trials and contribute to the development of a new drug or treatment. Please register online or contact us today!

Chronic Migraine Headaches

 An estimated 30 million migraine patients live in the United States. Migraine affects 18% of all females and 6% of all males (3:1 ratio). According to the International Headache Society (HIS) criteria for migraine without aura: Headaches must have at least 2 of the following 4 characteristics:

Moderate to severe intensity
Throbbing quality
Aggravated by activity

Alzheimer’s Trials

Alzheimer’s Disease is an age related neurodegenerative disorder characterized by a progressive decline in cognitive function and ability to perform routine daily activities